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Maxoak K3 36000mAh Power Bank Review

Maxoak K3 36000mAh Power Bank Review.

Reasons to buy Maxoak K3 36000mAh Power Bank.

  • A powerful extra battery for Apple laptops and smartphones. Maxoak K3 can charge my MacBook Air two times once it is fully charged
  • High capacity power bank (36000 maH) designed for MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
  • Comes with 4 Output Ports(one 16.8V/4.6A for Apple laptops with Magsafe, one PD 2.0 Type C 5V.9V.12V.15V.20V/3Aand two 5V/2.1A)
  • Be able to charge 2 smartphones and 1 laptop Simultaneously
  • Auto switch on when it is connected to devices and off when it has been disconnected from devices for 60 seconds
  • 12 months warranty
  • Made from high quality and durable material

Reasons not to buy Maxoak K3.

  • To make Maxoak K3 fully charged, you need 5-8 hours
  • Big (5.34 x 1 x 7.78 inches) and heavy (1.98 lbs) 
  • You might not be able to take it on a plane

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